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This mod can be downloaded on nsfwmods.com.

About This File

Fusion Girl Inflatable Latex is a bondage/fetish clothing mod that features a sunhat, latex hood, a body suit with inflatable breasts and ballet boots with transparent shanks

The sunhat and bodysuit is based on this image.



The ballet boots are based on this image.  



To make the hood move when the player character speak, I opted to make the hood an extra head part. When a player equips the sunhat, a script adds the hood to the player's head and removes it when the hat is unequipped.



  • Extract the contents of the compressed file into your Fallout 4 Data folder. The BodySlide folder containing the slidersets and shapedata is located in the Data folder of the compressed file. If your installation of BodySlide is not in the Data folder, then you will need to move it into the appropriate folder to generate the outfit for your body type.

How to obtain:

  • Only obtainable via console commands.
  • Type 'help Inflatable Bodysuit' and 'help Sunhat' in the command console to find the item codes.


  • Fallout 4 High Heels System - PK0
  • FusionGirl - Team ZeX
  • BodySlide and Outfit Studio - Ousnius and Caliente
  • The developers at Bethesda Game Studios

You're free to use this mod your own project as long as it's non-commercial.


[Fallout 4] [Fusion Girl] Inflatable Latex
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