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What does this mod do?

This mod attaches a head part to an actor that represents a latex hood. For this to work, the script looks for two keywords: mmh and the keyword for the hood. When you equip clothing that has the required keywords, the script attaches the headpart and removes it when you unequip it. This mod uses the "OnItemEquipped" and "OnItemUnequipped" events so the headpart can be added or removed when the clothing is equipped or unequipped by other mods. This mod can work with followers, but I cannot as of now guarantee that it will work with custom followers or followers introduced in the Far Harbor or Nuka-World expansions.

Can I use Mighty Morphin Hoods with my own mod?

Yes! To use Mighty Morphin' Hoods, add the mmh keyword and the keyword associated with a hood to an outfit in the Creation Kit.


Here is a list of available hoods and keywords.

  • mmh_kw_fhood_type1_black
  • mmh_kw_fhood_type1_carnelian_lashes_eyebrows
  • mmh_kw_fhood_type1_red

Does this mod work for males?

Not right now but it will in the future.



Do not re-upload this mod without my permission.

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